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Website (Re)Development: www.era.int

Competitive Procurement Procedure with Negotiation

ERA reference: 2018WP5.0.4
Publication number: 2018/S 039-085126 (short version 85126-2018)
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The Academy of European Law (ERA) invites expressions of interest in tendering for the redevelopment of its web presence www.era.int. The call for tenders will consist of three lots:
  • Lot 1: Website and online shop
  • Lot 2: Offline access solution
  • Lot 3: Learning management system

Notice sent for publication: 23 February 2018

Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 30 March 2018


Questions and answers

Contact: vergabe@era.int

Q1: How will communication be conducted during this project (D or English)?
A1: Communication during the project may be conducted in English or German.

Q2: Is there a contact person for us during the project?
A2: There will be a project team from ERA, led by the Deputy Director (Corporate Communications) and consisting of our Web Manager, Marketing Manager and Head of IT.

Q3: What will the terms of payment / modalities look like?
A3: An instalment of 10% of the total price will be paid when the order is placed. The terms of payment and many other details – including project management – are explained in the detailed Call for Tenders. The more detailed Call will be sent to companies that submit an Expression of Interest within the deadline and meet the minimum qualification criteria.

Q4: What is the budget that has been allocated for these 3 lots?
A4: We have deliberately not named a budget for this project. The offers will be assessed according to a number of criteria, one of which will be value-for-money. The selection criteria will be described in full in the detailed call for tenders, which will be sent to firms that submit an expression of interest and fulfil the minimum qualification criteria.

Q5: How should support and the provision of updates be ensured if the technology delivered is extended by ERA or a third party?
A5: In the event that ERA selects more than one Supplier to perform different lots or to perform work on the delivered product after completion of the respective lot, or to perform that work itself, the Supplier(s) will be required to establish a service level agreement with ERA to clarify their respective responsibilities.

Q6: In your requirements, you mention that JAVA is to be reduced. We see this the same way and therefore rely on the Light Development approach to make the frontend as independent of the backend as possible. Likewise, we use YAML for configurations and are 100% ready for the cloud. In the backend, we use JAVA so that edgecases are no problem for you and you can continue to use as much potential as possible. Is this kind of detail necessary for the submission of the declaration of interest and can this be provided on a sheet with the other information from your requirements?
A6: This kind of detail is not necessary for the submission of a declaration of interest. At this stage, you only need to meet the minimum qualification criteria (as described in Part IV and Part V of the document "Expression of Interest") and include the corresponding references as an attachment.




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