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Governing Board

The Governing Board lays down the general guidelines for the activities of the Academy. It appoints the Members of the Board of Trustees, the Members of the Executive Board and the Management Board. It adopts the budget and receives the annual accounts from the Management Board.

Dr Jacques Santer
Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, former President of the European Commission, former Member of the European Parliament
Representing Luxembourg

Hendrik Hering
President of the Parliament of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
Representing Rhineland-Palatinate

For the European Parliament:
Dr Katarina Barley

Vice-President of the European Parliament

For the Court of Justice of the European Union:
Koen Lenaerts
President of the Court

For Austria: 
Dr Albert Posch

Head of the Constitutional Service at the Federal Chancellery, Sektionsleiter
Dr Christine Pesendorfer
Head of Section IV/9 - Legal Service, Federal Chancellery

For Belgium: 
Koen Geens
Minister of Justice

For Bulgaria: 
For Croatia:
Dražen Bošnjaković
Minister of Justice
For Cyprus:
Costas Clerides
Attorney General of the Republic of Cyprus

For the Czech Republic:
Michal Franěk
Deputy Minister of Justice

For Denmark:
Merethe Eckhardt

Director of Development, The Danish Court Administration

For Estonia:
Raivo Aeg

Minister of Justice
For Finland:
Kari Kiesiläinen
Director General, Ministry of Justice

For France:
Anthony Manwaring
Head of the European and International Department, Ministry of Justice

For Germany:
Christine Lambrecht
Federal Minister of Justice and for Consumer Protection

For the German Länder:
Peter Biesenbach
Minister of Justice, North Rhine Westphalia

For Greece: 
Konstantinos Tsiaras
Minister of Justice

For Hungary:  
János Bóka
State Secretary, Ministry of Justice
For Ireland:
Deirbhle Murphy
Office of the Attorney General
For Italy: 
Massimo Condinanzi
Professor at the University of Milan

For Latvia:
Anna Skrjabina

Project Leader at the Court Administration of the Republic of Latvia

For Lithuania: 
Rasa Svetikaitė
Chief Adviser to the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania

For Malta:    
Hon. Dr Owen Bonnici
Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government

For the Netherlands:
Gerard Tangenberg
President Board of directors Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary (SSR)
For Poland:
Anna Dalkowska
Undersecretary of State
For Portugal:
Dr João da Silva Miguel

Director of the Centre for Judicial Studies

For Romania:

For Scotland:
James Wolffe QC
The Lord Advocate

For Slovakia: 
Ing. Sylvia Beňová
Secretary General, Ministry of Justice

For Slovenia:
Gregor Strojin
Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

For Spain:
María Abigail Fernández González
Director of the Centre for Legal Studies at the Ministry of Justice

For Sweden:
Dr Anna-Carin Svensson
Director General for International Affairs
Ministry of Justice

For the City of Trier:
Wolfram Leibe
Mayor of Trier

For the United Kingdom:
For the Association for the Promotion of the Academy:
Jettie Van Caenegem
Inhouse Counsel, President of the Friends of ERA Association

Peter Schmidhuber
Former Member of the European Commission


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