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Les sanctions dans les relations extérieures de l'UE

Seminaire en ligne les
3 décembre 2020 - 08:40-17:30 HNEC
4 décembre 2020 - 09:15-13:00 HNEC

En ligne, 3 décembre 2020 – 4 décembre 2020


Domaine de droit:


EU sanctions (restrictive measures) are one of the Union's tools to promote the objectives of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). The Council imposes EU restrictive measures (such as the freezing of funds and travel bans) through a CFSP Council decision adopted by unanimity, which is notified to the persons and entities targeted by it. These include governments of non-EU countries because of their policies, entities (companies) providing the means to conduct the targeted policies, groups or organisations such as terrorist groups and individuals supporting the targeted policies, involved in terrorist activities etc. The measures can then be challenged before the General Court of the European Union. 

This seminar will provide participants with detailed knowledge on legal aspects of restrictive measures applied by the European Union, including the recent jurisprudence of the CJEU. Moreover, the EU guidelines on the implementation and evaluation of restrictive measures, as well as best practice in the implementation of such restrictive measures, will be analysed and placed within the wider international context of sanctions imposed by other governments and entities. Details about the planned EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime will be presented. 

Key topics

  • EU restrictive measures within the greater geo-political setting, including the planned  EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime
  • EU guidelines on restrictive measures and best practice regarding their implementation
  • Practical implications and challenges faced with EU restrictive measures
  • Recent case law of the EU courts on sanctions
  • Judicial review of restrictive measures
  • Procedural aspects of sanctions cases before the Courts of the European Union

Who should attend?

European and national civil servants working in the area of EU restrictive measures, lawyers dealing with sanctions cases, compliance officers.

Interactive online seminar

The online seminar will be hosted on ERA’s own online training platform. You will be able to interact immediately and directly with our top-quality speakers and other participants. We will make the most of the technical tools available to deliver an intensive, interactive training experience. As the platform is hosted on our own server, the highest security settings will be applied to ensure that you can participate safely in this high-quality online conference.

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