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Global Warning: Law Enforcement in the Age of Big Data, AI & Democracy under Threat

  • 5th EDEN Event on Data Protection in Law Enforcement
Online seminar on 15 October 2020

Séminaire en ligne, 15 octobre 2020


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We are living in interesting times that are influenced by sometimes breath-taking technological developments. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword now framing a debate mainly focused on big data in previous years. The rise of AI technologies requires a new dialogue and awareness of the related cybersecurity as well as data protection challenges. In order to address these challenges, cooperation across different sectors and among different stakeholders is essential. In particular, law enforcement needs to be prepared to combat the criminal abuse of such technologies, ultimately making cyberspace a safer place for all.

Many of the underlying issues are interlinked and affect not only law enforcement but go well beyond. Some argue that the very foundations of our democratic society are at stake. The Cambridge Analytica scandal involving the abuse of personal data of up to 87 million Facebook users in order to influence the result of democratic elections comes to mind. Also the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement or the concept of data retention are sometimes regarded as non-compliant with the principles of a democratic society. The existence of deep-fakes puts into question whether we should still believe what we seem to see.

The aim of the event is to discuss these questions with stakeholders from various backgrounds including law enforcement, representatives of relevant private parties, academia, NGOs, regulators, legislators, etc. How can law enforcement enhance both, freedom and security, in a world which is more data driven and complex every day? Global warning: the fundamental right to data protection has to be at the very heart of this debate to take place at Europol Headquarters.

The event is organised by Europol's Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN) in cooperation with ERA and will bring together internationally renowned practitioners from law enforcement and security authorities with privacy experts, academics and civil society representatives.

Key topics

  • AI
  • Cyber
  • Future of Europol

No Conference fee

Who should attend?

Law enforcement officials, data protection officers, members of Europol's Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN), representatives of national data protection authorities, academics.

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ERA (Cornelia Riehle) in cooperation with Europol and Europol's Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN)

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