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The Use of New Technologies in Criminal Proceedings

  • E-evidence: Validity and Admissibility of Electronic Evidence in Criminal Proceedings

Barcelona, 26 May 2011 – 27 May 2011
(simultaneous interpretation)
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About the project
This project, mainly sponsored by the European Commission, consists of three major seminars that will take place in Barcelona (Spanish Judicial School), Budapest (Hungarian Judicial Academy) and Trier (Academy of European Law - ERA).

Each seminar will have a specific focus:
  • Seminar 1 (Barcelona, 26-27 May 2011): "E-evidence: validity and admissibility of electronic evidence in criminal proceedings";
  • Seminar 2 (Budapest, 9-10 June 2011): "The European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS): State of play and experiences to date in EU Member States";
  • Seminar 3 (Trier, 24-25 November 2011) "Transnational use of videoconferencing: EU Member State experiences of cross-border videoconferencing in criminal proceedings".
Contents of the first seminar
The first seminar will discuss the validity and admissibility of electronic evidence in criminal proceedings. The main aims of the seminar are:
  • to define 'electronic evidence' and offer practical illustrations and examples of analogue and digital evidence;
  • to present the practical challenges relating to the collection and use of digital evidence;
  • to discuss the legal implications of digital evidence (collection, evaluation and admissibility);
  • to identify some of the practical problems that judges and prosecutors have to deal with in criminal proceedings;
  • to provide an overview of good practices in various EU Member States.
Finally, the seminar will assess how the use of electronic evidence can help to rationalise, simplify or possibly complicate criminal procedures and trials.  

Conference venue:
Escuela Judicial de España, Carretera de Vallvidrera a Barcelona 43-45, 08017 Barcelona

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Background Documentation
Documentation is available here for logged in participants at this event.


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