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EDEN goes to the Island

  • 5th EDEN Event on Data Protection in Law Enforcement
Online Conference on 15 October 2020 on VirBELA
14:00 - 22:00 CEST

Online Conference, 15 October 2020

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This online conference will take a detailed look at the interlink between “Big Data”, Artificial Intelligence, their use and abuse and the possibilities of criminal investigations regarding new technologies as well as the need for data protection, which stands at the very heart of the debate.

The aim of the event is to discuss these questions with stakeholders from various backgrounds including law enforcement, representatives of relevant private parties, academia, NGOs, regulators, legislators, etc. How can law enforcement enhance both freedom and security in a world which is more data-driven and complex every day.

Key topics

  • Surveillance capitalism/mass surveillance in the digital world
  • AI and Big Data - challenges in the area of law enforcement
  • Facial recognition – our new best friend in criminal investigations?
  • Deep fakes, blockchain, 5G and future trends
  • Masters of the crystal ball – Project 2020 in review
  • Radicalisation

Who should attend?

This conference is targeted at law enforcement officials, data protection officers, representatives of national data protection authorities and academics who are members of Europol's Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN).

How it works

We will take you on a journey to a virtual island and a conference centre which offers different spaces to organise events. You will first have to download the VirBELA software on your personal computer, sign up, and create your avatar.

Create your avatar

Feel free to dress up the way you would like to; this is probably the only conference where you will be able to walk around in flip flops and with a cowboy hat.
Once your avatar is set up you will be able to walk around our island.

Explore the island

You can move on our island freely and engage in the debate on #dataprotection and #lawenforcement. Two spaces will be available: the auditorium where you will be able to see and participate in the panels and the beach where we will have a gathering after the conference. At the beach, you will enjoy live music and will have the opportunity to network and engage with participants as part of our ‘EDEN Happy Campers’ privacy camp.

As you walk around the island you can switch your microphone on and talk with other people! Be careful as anyone can hear what you are saying unless you are in a designated private space (markings on the floor indicate such spaces).

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Important note
Participation for members of EDEN only, free of charge and subject to availability.


Conference Organisers
ERA (Cornelia Riehle) in cooperation with Europol and Europol's Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN)

Cornelia Riehle

Julia Reitz



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