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Artificial Intelligence


21 February 2019 – 22 February 2019 | Brussels
Annual Conference on EU Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector 2019

Legal challenges raised by emerging new technologies in the pharmaceutical sector

3-D printing and artificial intelligence
Health data, data sharing and “personalised medicines”


21 March 2019 – 22 March 2019 | Trier
Novelties in Contract Law: Smart Contracts & Assignment of Claims

How do smart contracts function?
Are smart contracts legally binding?
Interpretation, performance and remedies
Property and warranty law issues
Hands-on experience: using blockchain technology in the financial sector


15 April 2019 – 16 April 2019 | Brussels
Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

AI and democracy
Compliance and responsibility for human rights violations
Discrimination in AI
Right to privacy
Freedom of expression
Right to life
Right to a fair trial


24 October - 25 October 2019 | Rome
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Criminal Justice System
  • What AI is and what judges and lawyers need to know
  • Robots causing harms practical issues for police investigations
  • AI in hospitals and criminal proceedings against nursing staff: case studies
  • Using AI in criminal intelligence
  • AI used to predict crimes
  • AI and the judicial system
  • The 2018 CEPEJ “European Ethical Charter on the Use of AI in Judicial Systems and their environment”