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Artificial Intelligence


17 October - 18 October 2019 | Brussels
Artificial Intelligence: Challenges for Intellectual Property Law
  • AI at the intersection between ethics, human rights and innovation
  • Overview of European Commission activities in the field of AI and big data
  • The protection of software/computer-implemented inventions used in AI technologies
  • Patent filing for an AI-related invention in Europe
  • Protecting AI via copyright law
  • The relevance of trade secrets for AI protection
  • AI ownership, AI authorship and infringement of intellectual property rights
  • AI systems as data analysis tools for the enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • AI, innovation, data concentration and collusion

This seminar will be streamed live
on 17 October 2019 from 09:15-17:45 CEST and
on 18 October 2019 from 09:00-13:00 CEST

24 October - 25 October 2019 | Rome
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Criminal Justice System
  • What AI is and what judges and lawyers need to know
  • Robots causing harms practical issues for police investigations
  • AI in hospitals and criminal proceedings against nursing staff: case studies
  • Using AI in criminal intelligence
  • AI used to predict crimes
  • AI and the judicial system
  • The 2018 CEPEJ “European Ethical Charter on the Use of AI in Judicial Systems and their environment”

12 December 2019 – 13 December 2019 | Trier
Online Hate Speech: Legal Responses
  • Hate speech regulation and case law developments at international level
  • Assessment of harmful content
  • Clarity and foreseeability of hate speech legislation
  • Accountability for interpreting hate speech law
  • Balancing freedom of expression against other human rights
  • Political discourse v. hate speech
  • Liability exception regime under the e-Commerce Directive
  • Effective remedies and format of complaint procedures
  • Obtaining evidence after content removal
  • The role of trusted flaggers
  • Use of artificial intelligence in tackling hate speech