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13 September 2018

FREE WEBINAR: Disability in Employment and Beyond

There will be a livestream of the event on Monday 17 to Tuesday 18th September 2018. 


Foto: FREE WEBINAR: Disability in Employment and Beyond.


This seminar is being organised as part of a series of seminars devoted to EU Disability Law and the UNCRPD, in the framework of the 'EaSi' Programme, on behalf of and in cooperation with the European Commission and with the support of the European Consortium of Foundations on Human Rights and Disability (EFC) and the European Disability Forum (EDF).

The seminar will offer participants the opportunity to understand the key principles and concepts contained in the Convention. Furthermore, the seminar will also look into the European legislation adopted on disability issues. 

This particular seminar has been tailored to meet the needs of members of the judiciary and it will focus legal capacity, access to justice, participation in public and political life and disability in the context of employment.

It is also available in an accessible live-stream with simultaneous international sign-language interpretation as well as text captioning. Participants in the live-stream can get involved using the chatbox on the stream page or via twitter, by using the hastag #erauncrpd. So if you have any questions for our experts, feel free to get involved and they will be put to them as the schedule permits.


This training will give the participants an in-depth and concrete insight into several legal aspects related to disability in employment and beyond, in particular into disability discrimination.

Key topics

  • Employment, reasonable accommodation and accessibility under the UNCRPD
  • EU disability law
  • Definition of disability
  • Legal capacity
  • Data protection of persons with disabilities
  • EU Accessibility Act
  • Accessible public procurement
Accessibility of electronic communications

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