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7 February 2018

What will our Annual Conference on Labour Law be about?


Foto: Labour Law.

Labour Law


Posting of workers is a phenomenon that has been highly debated in the last decade, as it touches upon the delicate balance between EU internal market and national social law.
The European Commission proposed a revision of the 1996 Posted Worker Directive in March 2016 with the aim of preventing “social dumping” and abuse of the free movement of services. It establishes the principle of equal pay for equal work at the same place. After months of division and tension among the EU countries on this issue, the Council reached an agreement on October 2017.

Member States are now discussing with the European Parliament. One of the main difficulties in the negotiations is the Parliament's proposal to extend the legal basis of the directive to social policy (article 153).

The revision of the Posted Worker Directive is, however, insufficient for improving the situation of posted workers and ensuring fair competition between businesses. One of the main problems with posting is the circumvention of the European Regulations.

In his State of the Union Address 2017 at the European Parliament, President Juncker announced plans for a European Labour Authority that would ensure that EU rules on labour mobility are enforced in a fair, simple and effective way. The role of this authority would be to facilitate and coordinate exchanges between national authorities. A Proposal for a Regulation is announced in the European Commission's Work Programme for 2018 and planned for adoption by Q2 of 2018.

Representatives of the EU Institutions, social partners and other experts will be discussing the state of play of these developments at ERA’s upcoming Annual Conference on European Labour Law in Trier on 22-23 March 2018.

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