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The Life Cycle of e-Evidence

  • Handling e-evidence in online fraud cases

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Athens, 7 November 2017 – 8 November 2017

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Credit card fraud is a highly profitable criminal activity which involves the unauthorised taking of another person’s credit card information for the purpose of using the money available on an account or removing funds from it. To respond effectively to this threat, cooperation between law enforcement authorities and the private sector is crucial.

This seminar will look at the different forms of payment fraud, at concrete examples of credit card fraud and at the key role played by the exchange of information between the public and private sectors.

Key topics

  • Credit card fraud: a challenge for the application of traditional fraud provisions
  • Online auction fraud (cases, technical solutions and legal responses)
  • Challenges in investigating and prosecuting internet fraud: phishing (including also dummy corporations and boiler room ops)
  • Fraud committed with electronic means of payment: experiences in EU Member States
  • Involvement of the internet industry in fighting online financial crimes

About the project

This project, sponsored by the European Commission, consists of six seminars to take place in Zagreb, Madrid, Athens, Trier, Prague and Tallinn.

Each seminar will have a specific focus:

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from EU Member States.

Please note that due to the large number of applications for this series on e-evidence, participants can attend only 1 event out of the 6 outlined above.

Participation conditions

Registration fee: €200 with no discounts

The number of places available for participants is limited. All applicants will be informed if they have been selected or not after application has closed.

Travel costs up to €300 and two nights' hotel accommodation up to €125 per night will be reimbursed by ERA upon receipt of the original receipts, tickets, boarding passes, invoices after the seminar.

Participants are asked to book their own travel and accommodation.
These rules do not apply to representatives of EU Institutions and Agencies who are supposed to cover their own travel and accommodation.

Participation is only open to judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from eligible EU Member States.

Event fully booked!


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