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New Horizons for EU Criminal Justice

From Tampere to the Stockholm Programme

, 25 May 2009 – 26 May 2009
(simultaneous interpretation)
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In 1999 a summit in Tampere, Finland adopted the “Tampere Conclusions” based on the new competencies of the EU for justice and home affairs under the Amsterdam Treaty. The objective was approximation of procedural and substantive law to facilitate mutual recognition by creating common minimum standards for the protection of invidividuals’ rights. Mutual recognition became the cornerstone of judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

In 2004 the Hague Programme and Action Plan (COM(2005)184) were adopted. The Commission has published three annual reports on their implementation, known as the Scoreboards. According to the latest
(2 July 2008), achievements have been registered in migration, border management and the fight against terrorism but more work is needed in the field of judicial and police cooperation in criminal matters.

With the Hague Programme coming to an end in 2009, the Presidency of the Council set up “Future Groups” to provide ideas and the Commission launched a public consultation on the new “Stockholm” Programme. What should be a priority in European criminal law for the next five years? How can existing legislation be improved or simplified? How can existing instruments be made more effective? How should new technologies be used to promote a coherent judicial area and reinforce police cooperation?

This conference will deal with the criminal and police side of the new programme. Judicial cooperation in civil matters will be discussed at a conference on 26-27 November 2009.

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