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Mediation in Greece

  • EU and national legal framework and practice
  • Training project organised by the European Commission (DG Justice) and the Academy of European Law
  • Kick-off conference

Athen, 30. Juni 2012
, Griechisch


Series of events

The European Commission is organising a series of events on mediation in Greece in 2012-2013, the development and practical implementation of which will be taken over by the Academy of European Law (ERA). The series’ objective is to provide information on mediation at EU level and present the recently adopted Greek legal framework.

The series of events will start with the implementation of a large-scale publicity campaign to raise awareness of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method and to announce the series of planned activities. The kick-off conference in Athens will provide a forum for discussion with a European dimension, while three further interactive workshops organised in Heraklion, Patras and Thessaloniki will offer practical training on mediation.

Objectives of the kick-off conference

This conference will highlight the importance of out-of-court settlement of disputes, the relevant European and national legislation, best practices from member states of the EU and will present the advantages and opportunities offered by mediation. The contribution of experts with various professional backgrounds from Greece and other EU member states will ensure the exchange of experiences and a better understanding of mediation.

Key topics

  • Presentation of the European and national legal framework on mediation
  • Types of mediation
  • The accreditation, role and skills of mediators
  • Mediation in practice: examples and best practices from Greece and other EU member states
  • Mediation v. litigation

The kick-off conference is fully booked.



Wichtiger Hinweis
Training project organised by the European Commission (DG Justice) and developed and implemented by the Academy of European Law


Mediation in Greece


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