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Interregional and practice-oriented judicial training in EU civil law

The project

Within the framework of the Civil Justice Programme the European Union provides co-financing for a series of four decentralised seminars dedicated to the major issues, procedures and instruments in the field of EU civil justice.

The seminars are organised by the Academy of European Law – ERA in partnership with the national judicial schools from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

The concept

The four seminars are addressed to judges from the Visegrad countries. There will be one seminar per partner Member State, with 45 judges from all partner Member States participating in each of them. Each seminar will be autonomous and have a duration of 1,5 days.


The series will form a continuous training on four major aspects of judicial cooperation in civil matters in the EU. The programme of the seminars will thus cover the following topics:
  • Cross-border civil litigation
  • Conflict of laws
  • European family law
  • Cross-border successions
The programme will offer a mixture of training methods, varying from lectures to interactive workshops. At the heart of the training will be the analysis of the European instruments, their implementation in the Visegrad countries, as well as the recent CJEU and national case law. Discussion and exercises will be coordinated by national and EU law experts. In order to allow participants to profoundly profit from the training, the seminars will be offered in two languages, one of them being the language of the hosting country.


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