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Investigating Web 2.0

  • Special Investigation Techniques to Tackle Internet Crimes
Event fully booked!

Valletta, 18 février 2019 – 19 février 2019


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Event fully booked!


As the use of the internet and other computer networks has grown exponentially in recent years, so has the opportunity for  unlawful online activities. Criminals can trade and share information masking their identity, make contact with and gather information on victims, and communicate with co-conspirators. This seminar will look at different forms of special investigation techniques to tackle internet crimes (remote investigations, online surveillance, covert investigations) and at the challenges posed by encrypted data, proxy servers and cloud computing.

Key topics

  • Technical issues (internet caches, proxy servers, encryption, deep/dark web, etc.)
  • Legal issues (remote investigations and online surveillance)
  • Interception, search and seizure
  • Electronic evidence and the essential difference between e-evidence and “traditional” forms of evidence
  • Cross-border access to data

About the Project

This seminar is part of a large-scale project sponsored by the European Commission entitled “Investigating Web 2.0: practice-oriented training on internet searches for EU legal practitioners”. It consists of six seminars to take place in Lisbon, Dublin, Bucharest, Valletta, Barcelona and Madrid.

Registration fee: €200 with no discounts

The number of places available is limited (30 places).

Participation will be subject to a selection procedure. Selection will be first come first served and according to nationality. Priority will be given to those participants who did not attend an ERA event on e-evidence / online investigations / investigating web 2.0 in 2017-2018.

A response will be sent to every applicant after the deadline. We advise you not to book any travel or hotel before you receive our confirmation.

Travel costs up to €300 and two nights' hotel accommodation will be reimbursed by ERA upon receipt of the original receipts, tickets, boarding passes, invoices after the seminar.

Participants are asked to book their own travel and accommodation. These rules do not apply to representatives of EU Institutions and Agencies who are supposed to cover their own travel and accommodation.Spanish applicants who work for the prosecution service (CEJ) must apply for this event through CEJ.

Participants should come from eligible EU Member States (UK and Denmark do not participate in the Justice Programme 2014-2020)

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from EU Member States.

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ERA (Laviero Buono) in cooperation with the Judicial Studies Committee of Malta         

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