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Intensive Legal English Course

, 15 septembre 2021 – 17 septembre 2021


ERA reserves the right to switch this face-to-face event to an online-only format in case the Covid-19-related health crisis persists.


The terminology of the law constitutes the central focus of this course, which explores a wide range of legal vocabulary, from contract and tort to company law and human rights. Participants are asked to work collaboratively on language tasks, enabling them to pool resources and making the learning process more rewarding and enjoyable.
This ‘combined skills’ course aims to allow participants to practise and improve their speaking and writing skills. The modern trend in English legal writing is to avoid the wordy, old-fashioned style with its unnecessary complexity and archaic language. Participants are encouraged to discover for themselves how to write in a way which is clear, accurate and easy to understand using the 'plain English' style that has become the professional standard.

Participants will also be guided through the process of exploring the difference between the English which is used in the EU institutions and the language used by native speakers.

Stephen Dillon Weston (BA, LLB, RSA Cert. TEFL) of LOQUITUR  has a degree in languages from University College, London and a degree in law from City University, London. He is a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language and has wide teaching experience.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for speakers of English at an intermediate level or above who have a particular interest in the language of the law.
Frais de participation €:
UE et fondateurs de l'ERA
Les jeunes avocats et d'autres groupes

jusqu'au 15 août 2021
après le 15 août 2021
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Réduction pour inscription précoce
10 % jusqu'au 15.08.2021

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