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Data Protection and the Law Enforcement Directive

  • Interoperability, Safeguards and Dealing with Data Breaches

Online, 24 June 2024 – 25 June 2024

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Police Cooperation


This online seminar will analyse the practical issues faced by police and criminal justice authorities in protecting individuals’ personal data when it is being processed under the terms of the EU Law Enforcement Directive.

It will also look at how they can improve cooperation in the fight against terrorism and cross-border crime in the EU through the exchange of information required for investigations, including with third countries.

It will highlight some of the challenges that practitioners face in relation to the Directive’s correct use as well as different interpretations of particular provisions in some Member States. Moreover, the seminar will highlight the latest CJEU case law in the field, safeguards and procedures for dealing with data breaches, fundamental rights and data protection, as well as an analysis of military data flows and data protection. Workshops will form a part of the seminar.

Key topics

  • Insights and challenges faced in correctly applying the LED
  • Latest CJEU case law
  • Implications of the EU AI Act and DSA
  • Revised Europol Regulation and data security
  • Correct processing of personal data, safeguards and dealing with data breaches
  • Subjective/objective exemptions and how to deal with data subject requests
  • Data transfer to third countries and adequacy decision

Who should attend?

Law enforcement officials, data protection officers, ministry officials, data protection professionals in the private and public sector, cyber experts, lawyers and other advisers in the area of data protection and compliance.

Interactive Online Seminar

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