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Legal English Skills

  • Focus on speaking, writing, reading and listening skills

, 5. Juni 2023 – 7. Juni 2023



The Legal English Skills Course is designed for lawyers, legal professionals and anybody with an interest in the language of the law. There is therefore a focus on legal terminology in the context of areas of law which have not been covered before in ERA’s legal English courses, including subjects such as intellectual property law and company law.

The main focus of this new course, however, is on skills development and general legal/business English rather than on subject-specific terminology. The aim is to develop the following skills in contexts designed to suit the needs of legal professionals:
  • Speaking  
    Participants will be encouraged to take part in directed speaking activities, including role-play, to practise and develop their speaking skills.
  • Writing   
    The course includes a number of writing exercises, from simple sentence construction drills to drafting letters of advice and memoranda. Participants may choose to do some of the longer exercises in their own time. All work will be supervised by the trainer, during or after the course, and s/he will suggest ways for participants to improve their writing.
  • Reading
    The material includes a range of texts which participants will be asked to analyse and process to develop their reading skills and legal vocabulary.
  • Listening
    The course includes original listening exercises in realistic settings, such as a law court or a lawyer’s office.
Time will also be devoted to an examination of the use (or misuse) of English within the context of the EU institutions, exploring the differences between so-called Euro-English and the language used by native English-speakers.
This course is not designed along the lines of a series of formal lectures. Rather, participants are encouraged to work collaboratively, with the trainer as a guide, to explore the target language in a way which is both rewarding and enjoyable-

Stephen Dillon Weston (B.A, L.L.B., R.S.A Cert. TEFL) has a degree in languages from University College, London and a degree in law from City University, London. He is a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language and has wide teaching experience.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for speakers of English at B1 level or above who have an interest in developing their English language skills and vocabulary in the context of the law.

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