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8 June 2016

New study on judges' training needs in the field of European competition law

Result of year-long project commissioned by DG Competition from ERA, EJTN and Ecorys


Foto: The study was commissioned by DG Comp.

The study was commissioned by DG Comp


The European Commission's DG Competition has published a major study prepared by the Academy of European Law (ERA), the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) and Ecorys on national judges' training needs in the field of EU competition law and rules on State aid.

The study maps the jurisdictions at national level for the application of European Union competition law. It includes country profiles detailing the competent jurisdictions in all 28 Member States.

It analyses the needs and demand for training among judges and proposes six specific training profiles for judges dealing with different kinds of cases and/or in different kinds of courts.

It highlights the important role of the specialisation of courts in concentrating cases, developing expertise and enabling training to be targeted efficiently.

The study also evaluates DG Competition’s “Training of National Judges” programme, proposes performance indicators and makes concrete recommendations for ensuring that the programme meets the needs of judges dealing with EU competition law in the future.

Main study: click here.

The executive summary is available in English, French and German.

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