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Principled Negotiation: Aiming for a Win-Win Agreement

  • Improve your negotiation skills in English
  • Morning sessions

, 19 September 2016 – 23 September 2016

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Legal English Course

Course Objectives

This 15-hour programme has two goals. The first is to understand and practise applying the intellectual framework known as “principled negotiation.” The other goal is to sharpen English-language vocabulary that is commonly used in negotiations.   

Principled negotiation is also called "negotiation on the merits," "integrative bargaining," or "win-win negotiation." This approach to negotiating was developed by the Project On Negotiation at Harvard University, and was popularised in the book Getting To Yes. (Participants will receive a copy of that book as part of the programme.) In principled negotiation, the parties collaborate to develop a mutually beneficial agreement based on the interests of each. This is in contrast with conventional "position-based" bargaining, typically a zero-sum game.

In this programme each of the main ideas of principled negotiation will be examined. Participants will practise putting them into effect through role-playing and simulations, which will not only sharpen participants’ practical grasp of the concepts, but will reinforce English-language vocabulary commonly used in negotiations. To enhance English-language vocabulary, commonly used terms and statements will be studied, exploring their meaning and tone. Finally, the limits of the principled negotiation approach will be discussed.

Participants will leave the programme with a set of tools for negotiating in any language, and an increased comfort with negotiating in English.

Who should attend?

Legal (and other) professionals who negotiate, whether to resolve disputes or transact business.

Come and meet the new course…..

  • Training seminar for legal and other professionals who negotiate to resolve disputes and to transact business
  • Understanding and applying the “Getting To Yes” approach
  • Understanding and applying English-language negotiating terms
  • Practical role-playing and simulations to sharpen skills

Key topics

  • The main ideas behind principled negotiation
  • Common negotiating terms and statements in English

Interactive methodology

  • Role-playing exercises
  • Simulations


Drew Shagrin practisced law for many years in California, representing local governments, profit-motivated developers, and non-profit developers in hundreds of public-private partnerships, including dozens as lead lawyer.

He has extensive teaching experience of many backgrounds.  He also created and led a workshop for French lawyers on principle-based “win-win” negotiation techniques.

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