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Investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating criminal cases in the online world: challenges (and opportunities) posed by the Internet to EU legal practitioners

Online Investigations (2015-2017)

About the project

This project, mainly sponsored by the European Commission (JUST/2014/JTRA/AG/EJTR/6772), consists of five major seminars that will take place in different EU cities.

Each seminar will have a specific focus

  • Internet-related money laundering (Budapest, March 2016)
  • Specific legal challenges related to credit cards frauds (Madrid, May 2016)
  • Special techniques to track crime proceeds on the internet: remote investigations, surveillance, interception, search and seizure (with live demonstrations) (Lisbon, November 2016)
  • Soliciting children online for sexual purposes: effectiveness of covert internet investigations (Cracow, April 2017)
  • Conducting online investigations: challenges for judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers (Trier, September 2017)

Expected results

  • To provide participants with the basic understanding of the internet architecture and concepts (Internet Protocol, anonymity online, encryption, cloud computing, etc.)
  • To raise awareness on the implications/impact that new technologies have in criminal proceedings and on the new forms of investigative techniques
  • To learn the basics of digital investigations enabling participants to gain an overview of the challenges related to the conduction of online investigations
  • To gain an insight into the work carried out by their counterparts in other Member States on these new investigative techniques, developing mutual trust among Member States while expanding good practices
  • To increase the knowledge (through concrete “live demonstrations” during the training) of rather technical topics (proxy servers, anonymity on line) which might have legal consequences
  • To always be updated on new criminal modus operandi trends
  • To overall improve the knowledge on the subject and raise awareness on these relatively news subjects

Type and number of persons benefiting from the Project

  • 15 judges x 5 seminars = 75 judges
  • 15 prosecutors x 5 seminars = 75 prosecutors
  • 10 lawyers x 5 seminars = 50 lawyers
  • Final numbers: n. 40 x 5 events = n. 200 participants


  • Hungarian Judicial Academy, Hungary
  • Centro de Estudios Jurídicos, Spain
  • Centre of Judicial Studies, Portugal
  • Polish Judicial School, Poland