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Advanced training in EU antitrust law

  • Forum for Judges

This project aims to improve national judges’ knowledge of specific issues related to the implementation of antitrust rules, and at raising their awareness of recent trends. A core goal of this project is to create a forum for discussion, exchange of experiences and identification of best practices across the EU.

It consists of 6 decentralised seminars, each of which will deal with antitrust challenges common to all Member States’ jurisdictions but also particularities and topics of interest of each selected group of Member States.

Key topics

  • The relationship between the European Commission, national competition authorities and national courts
  • Challenges arising from cases of anti-competitive horizontal and vertical agreements and abuse of dominant position
  • Antitrust challenges from an ECHR perspective
  • Actions for damages, collective redress and quantification of harm

In the framework of this project, national judges will also have the opportunity to attend the 5-day ERA Summer Course on EU Competition Law, which aims to provide them with an in-depth understanding and a comprehensive update on the latest developments in this field through lectures, case studies and workshops.


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