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Cross-border civil litigation in practice

Focus on cross-border monetary claims and European e-justice

About the series

The project

Within the framework of the Civil Justice Programme, the European Union provides co-financing for a series of five decentralised seminars on practical issues of cross-border litigation with a focus on cross-border monetary claims and European e-justice.

The seminars are organised by the Academy of European Law – ERA -  in cooperation with partners in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

The concept

The five seminars address judges from all EU Member States. There will be one seminar per partner Member State, with a maximum of 40 participants per seminar. Each seminar will group participants from selected Member States in order to allow for an optimal exchange of national experiences and to enhance networking possibilities, bearing in mind linguistic barriers and specific legal traditions. Each seminar will be autonomous and has a duration of 1.5 days.

Key topics

The seminar programmes will consist of an introduction to the key legal instruments on cross-border cooperation in civil and commercial matters, interactive sessions offering participants the opportunity to raise issues and present their own experience in making use of the available tools, as well as workshops to further familiarise judges with the steps to be followed. The programme of the seminars will thus cover the following topics:
  • Cross-border litigation: the Brussels I Regulation
  • Revision of the Brussels I Regulation
  • Cross-border debt recovery
  • Harmonisation of procedures in civil and commercial matters: cross-border service of documents and taking of evidence abroad


The programme will offer a mixture of training methods, varying from lectures to interactive workshops. At the heart of the training will be the analysis of the European instruments, their implementation in the participating countries, as well as the recent case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. Discussion and exercises will be coordinated by five EU law experts. In order to allow participants maximum profit from the training, the seminars will be offered in different language regimes.


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