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Training on request - Our concept

Customised solutions and proven methods

Years of experience enable us to design programmes that respond to the differing needs of different legal professions in different countries. We can offer you training at our centre in Trier, at our office in Brussels or in other venues, including in-house.

Matching your training needs

Needs assessment

  • First contact
    Assessment of the training needs with the client
  • Agreement
    Both partners clarify and agree the concept and costing of the contract


  • Selection
    ERA and the client decide on an ‚prêt-à-porter‘ model or a made-to-measure solution
  • Design
    Structure, type, dates, length, venue and language of the training are determined


  • Flexibility
    We ensure the training concept is flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs
  • Interactivity
    Our training is highly interactive and case studies ensure its practical relevance. Participants receive comprehensive documentation, both on-line and in print


  • Quality control
    With the help of detailed participant evaluations we ensure permanent quality control
  • Results
    We organise a detailed debriefing with the client to ensure that our common objectives have been achieved and to draw lessons for future projects together


Jean-Philippe Rageade
Director of the Academy
phone: +49 (0)651 937 37 910
fax: +49 (0)651 937 37 919
Foto: Jean-Philippe Rageade.


Advantages for you
Training programmes adapted to your specific needs

You determine the date, length, place and type of training

Your staff acquire a common and coherent level of knowledge

We recommend to you the best trainers based on our excellent network

We tailor the training to your budget

You choose the language of the training

You save travel and accommodation costs for your staff

You gain the maximum from the training in the minimum of time

You are guaranteed the highest quality in the preparation, implementation, follow-up


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