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Our references

Examples of our training on request

Promotion of EU law among lawyers in private practice

  • ‘Judicial cooperation in civil matters’
  • ‘Judicial cooperation in criminal matters’
  • ‘Recent developments in EC and Czech competition law’
  • ‘Current developments in European labour law’
  • ‘Non-discrimination law in Europe’
  • ‘Training course on European taxation law’

Training of national officials on EU law issues

  • ‘The structure and functioning of the European Union’
  • ‘Gemeinschaftsrecht in der Praxis/Droit communautaire dans la pratique’
  • ‘European gender equality and non-discrimination law’
  • ‘Workshop on European data protection law’
  • ‘European environmental law’
  • ‘Nature protection in European environmental law’
  • ‘Towards an efficient energy policy in the context of climate change’
  • ‘Custom duties and administration’
  • ‘Cross-border cooperation in fighting transnational crime’
  • ‘Judicial cooperation in criminal matters’
  • ‘The external competence of the EU’

Tailor-made training for EU institutions and agencies

  • ‘Intensive course on European Union policies’
  • ‘Fundamental rights protection in EU law’
  • ‘Industrial property and copyright in Europe’
  • ‘Intellectual property law – international & EC aspects’
  • ‘Recent developments in European environmental law’
  • ‘The EU and WTO law’
  • ‘Legal issues of the Common Foreign & Security Policy’

Activities for countries outside Europe

  • ‘European Judicial Systems’ for Chinese judges
  • ‘La Unión Europea: competencias, funcionamiento y políticas’ for Chilean lawyers
  • Series of seminars on urban planning issues for Chinese officials

Knowledge of proceedings before the European courts

  • ‘EU law in judicial practice’
  • ‘Litigation before the European Union courts’
  • ‘Proceedings under 226 TEC and 234 TEC – The member state perspective’
  • ‘Enforcement of Community law before national courts and the preliminary ruling procedure’
  • ‘Verfahren und Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs für Menschenrechte / Procédure et jurisprudence de la Cour européenne des Droits de l’Homme’

Assistance for new and future EU member states

  • Seminars on behalf of and in cooperation with the European Commission TAIEX Office and DG Enlargement
  • ‘Turkey-EU relations in the accession process’
  • ‘Investigating and prosecuting money laundering and terrorist financing’
  • ‘Using instruments of mutual legal assistance’
  • ‘Summer school on European human rights law’
    ‘Capacity-building of the Estonian Law Center’

Legislative workshops and public hearings

  • Assistance in organising public hearings of the European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee on ‘The directive on computer-implemented inventions’ and ‘The role of the national judge in the judicial system of the EU’
  • Expert workshop on ‘The reform of the Romanian Code of criminal procedure’


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