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Celebrating 30 Years of the Wild Birds Directive

Achievements and lessons to be learned

, 2 April 2009 – 3 April 2009
(simultaneous interpretation)
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Directive 79/409/CEE on the conservation of wild birds, adopted on 2 April 1979, is the oldest and without doubt the most innovative legal instrument for biodiversity conservation in the European Union. Together with the Habitats Directive (92/43/CEE), it forms a key element of nature protection and biodiversity policies in Europe. The Birds Directive, which creates a comprehensive protection scheme for wild bird species in the EU, has proven to be an essential piece of EU environmental legislation. It places great emphasis on the protection of habitats for endangered and migratory species, especially through the establishment of a coherent network of Special Protection Areas (SPAs). The Directive also recognises the legitimacy of hunting and contains provisions to manage hunting of birds in a sustainable way.

This conference will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the adoption of the Directive. The conference will provide a comprehensive legal analysis of its main provisions and their implementation by the Member States, as well as the relevant case law of the European Court of Justice in the wider context of Natura 2000. The conference aims to give an overview of what has been achieved, what are the lessons to be learned and what are the future prospects in the field of bird protection and more broadly on biodiversity in Europe.

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