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Enhancing judicial cooperation in civil matters

Organisation of a series of interactive language training events

The project

Within the framework of the Civil Justice Programme the European Union provides co-financing for a series of eight language training activities in the area of EU civil law. The main objective is to improve the English-language skills of judges in the field of judicial cooperation in civil matters.

The seminars are organised by the Academy of European Law – ERA in partnership with the national judicial schools from Croatia, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and 4 German Länder (Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Rheinland-Pfalz).

The concept

Each of the eight seminars will be autonomous and will be addressed to 26-28 judges only from the partnering judicial schools. Each seminar will have a duration of 3 days (2 full and 2 half days) and will be organised in various countries from the partnering Member States.


The training activities will cover two EU legal instruments with great practical relevance for judges:
  • Regulation Brussels Ia: “Cross-border civil litigation”
  • Regulation Brussels IIa: “European family law”
The programme of each seminar will offer a mixture of training methods, varying from lectures to interactive workshops. The proposed activities comprise English language training on civil justice on the one hand and training on the selected EU civil justice instruments on the other. Trainers for the seminars will include two linguistic experts and three legal experts with long-standing experience in international cooperation.


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