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Post-Covid Challenges in Criminal Justice

Event fully booked!

Thessaloniki, 23 May 2024 – 24 May 2024

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Event fully booked!


The objective of this event is to help legal practitioners tackle the challenges and difficulties linked to online investigations. The seminar will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the internet’s architecture and key concepts. It will then analyse the legal challenges related to digital investigations, enabling participants to grasp the complex issues related to admissibility of e-evidence in court, with a special focus on internet searches.

Key topics

  • Technical issues (internet caches, proxy servers, encryption, deep/dark web, etc.)
  • Legal issues (evaluation of the search results, reliability and credibility of authentication, search across jurisdictions)
  • Challenges posed by websites, social networks, emails, clouds, text messaging and other computer-generated or stored documents
  • Presenting internet searches in court: prosecution and defence perspectives
  • Internet search results in court: a new evidentiary frontier for the judge?

Registration Fee

€130 including documentation, lunches and dinner.

Travel and Accommodation Expenses

Participants will receive a fixed contribution towards their travel and accommodation expenses and are asked to book their own travel and accommodation. The condition for payment of this contribution is to sign all attendance sheets at the event. No supporting documents are needed. The amount of the contribution will be determined by the EU unit cost calculation guidelines, which are based on the distance from the participant’s place of work to the seminar location and will not take account of the participant’s actual travel and accommodation costs.

Travel costs from outside Greece: participants can calculate the contribution to which they will be entitled on the European Commission website (https://era-comm.eu/go/calculator). The distance should be calculated from their place of work to the seminar location.

For those travelling within Greece, the contribution for travel is fixed at €36 (for a distance between 50km and 400km). Please note that no contribution will be paid for travel under 50km. For more information, please consult p.10 on https://era-comm.eu/go/unit-cost-decision-travel.

Accommodation costs: international participants and national participants travelling more than 50km one-way will receive a fixed contribution of €107 per night for up to two nights’ accommodation. For more information, please consult p.13 on https://era-comm.eu/go/unit-cost-decision-travel

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from EU Member States.

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