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Economics for EU Competition Law: An Essential Tool for the National Judge

A good understanding of economic principles, analysis and methods has become an important element of a well-founded ruling by the national judge, whether in cases of public or private enforcement of competition law. This is even more so since late 2016, by when the Member States had to implement the Antitrust Damages Actions Directive and take into account its accompanying documents.

This series of 1,5 day seminars aims to provide national judges with a good understanding of basic economic concepts in EU competition law and with the tools to assess economic evidence and to quantify the harm caused by infringement of competition rules.

Key topics

  • Basic economic concepts and principles in competition law
  • Approach to economic evidence and experts
  • Economic tools for judges in Article 101 and 102 TFEU cases
  • Quantification of harm and compensation in actions for damages
This project is co-funded by the Training of National Judges Programme of the European Union.