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Intensive Legal English Course

, 3 October 2011 – 7 October 2011

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Course Objectives

This course is aimed at speakers of English at an intermediate level and above and with a particular interest in the language of the law.

The law, like other fields of expertise, has its own specialised terminology, and this terminology constitutes the main focus of the course.

Participants are invited to refresh and / or expand their knowledge of legal words and phrases through a wide range of stimulating and enjoyable language exercises. Participants are encouraged to collaborate on these activities so that the atmosphere is of a collective effort rather than the typical conference or classroom situation with only one speaker. Language from a broad scope of legal areas is explored, from contract and tort to employment and crime.

Having explored the terminology of a particular area of law, participants then apply this knowledge by means of various writing and speaking tasks, often incorporating authentic legal documents. Again, the empasis is on a collegiate approach to stimulate learning in a relaxed atmosphere. These 'production' activities allow participants to practise and improve their writing, listening and speaking skills. The trainer's task is to guide these activities and to offer language solutions and correction of mistakes.

Legal professionals need to be able to communicate their ideas clearly, so some time is allocated to the development of a clear, modern, "plain English" style. Participants are also encouraged to raise any particular language problems or questions they may have, especially in the context of legal English.

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Important note
This course takes place over five mornings


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