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22 June 2023

Highlights from the first ERA Young Lawyers Academy 2023


Foto: Highlights from the first ERA Young Lawyers Academy 2023.


The ERA Young Lawyers' Academy, organised by the Academy of European Law (ERA), took place on 12-21 June 2023, bringing together 30 young lawyers from all over Europe at ERA’s headquarters in Trier and other locations. 

The event provided a unique platform for young lawyers to enhance their knowledge of European law. It was structured around a series of interactive sessions, lectures and workshops, led by distinguished professionals from various legal fields. It focused on key topics such as rule of law, litigation, fundamental rights, and data protection. To see what they learnt on European law in action, they visited the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. 

These excursions were for many participants undoubtedly the highlight. “Had I not done this course I would never have gotten such a chance.” says Marina, a lawyer from Spain and member of the Barcelona Bar. Iulian, a Romanian lawyer, agrees: “I have only been into my career for not even two years and already seen both courts whereas many legal practitioners will never see even one during their professional lives.” 

Participants also underlined the quality of the speakers. ERA took care in selecting speakers from various backgrounds ranging from experienced litigators to officials from EU institutions to reputable academics. Marina: “I found particularly helpful the case study on direct actions and the insightful tips by Ms. Nina Niejahr on preparing for such, in particularly the oral phase.” Iulian found the speakers’ biographies inspiring, “This is highly motivating to see what you can achieve if you work hard.” 

This is the first ERA Young Lawyers Academy out of four sessions; the next edition will take place in November. Participants are selected by supporting Bars. This programme is co-funded by the European Union. For more information, see ERA Young Lawyers Academy.

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