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Towards a More Effective Control of Financial Crimes

and Better Protection of the Financial Interests of the EU

Stockholm, 13 October 2009 – 14 October 2009

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Strengthening cooperation between judicial and police authorities in the EU
In cooperation with the Swedish EU Presidency

This seminar has been co-funded by the European Commission (OLAF) under the Hercule II Programme 2007-2013: A Community Action Programme to promote activities in the field of the protection of the Community's financial interests'' (for more information see: http://ec.europa.eu/anti_fraud/programmes/index_en.html

Financial crimes are serious and growing threats in all EU Member States. The European Union has given high priority to detecting, investigating and tackling this problem and to bringing offenders to justice.

Investigations of financial crimes in the Member States and investigations concerning the financial interests of the EU generally require a multi-disciplinary approach, including accounting, auditing, legal, fiscal and banking expertise. Financial investigations ultimately provide one of the tools to learn more about the activities and patterns of behaviour of organised crime groups.

Effective cross-border cooperation between judicial and police authorities plays a vital role in facilitating access to relevant expertise and reducing the incidence of such crimes. All forms of financial investigative techniques should be encouraged at both national and European levels.

The purpose of this conference is to debate and exchange ideas on combating financial crimes in the EU, including the protection of the financial interests of the EU, from a strictly practical perspective. The conference will focus on the operative challenges in investigations for police and judicial authorities. It will also seek to provide up-to-date information on new institutional tools and to inform on the work of other national law enforcement organisations in the EU. The partnership between the private and the public sector will also be discussed.

Workshop sessions will be organised and practical experiences with existing tools will be compared in plenary discussions. European and national experts will scrutinise the legal implications of these means, consider the challenges for the future and reflect on their impact on other important areas of EU law.

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