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The Future Unified Patent Litigation System in the EU

  • Organised in the framework of the Polish EU Presidency

Warsaw, 23 September 2011
(simultaneous interpretation)
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Patent law


This conference organised in the framework of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council will provide a platform for discussion on the new draft agreement on a Unified Patent Court presented by the Hungarian Presidency on 14 June 2011. At the Competitiveness Council on 27 June 2011, 25 EU Member States agreed in principle to pursue the creation of a unitary patent protection system in the framework of enhanced cooperation. The Council agreed on a general approach for implementing enhanced cooperation in the creation of a unitary system and stressed the link between the creation of unitary patent protection and the creation of a unified patent litigation system. The draft agreement on a Unified Patent Court is key to the successful functioning of the new system.

The objective of the conference is to analyse how issues raised by the Court of Justice of the European Union in its Opinion 1/09 on the previous version of the agreement regarding compatibility with EU law were addressed, as well as to promote an exchange of views between courts and practitioners on the functioning of the European Patent Court.

Key topics

The one-day conference will consist of three panels, in which judges, legal practitioners, academic experts and users of the patent system will be invited to give their perspectives on the following issues:

  • The draft agreement on the Unified Patent Court: Effectiveness and flexibility
  • Overall architecture of the future Unified Patent Court
  • Conformity of the new patent system with the EU Treaties

There will be time for discussion.

Who should attend?

Judges, patent attorneys and other business lawyers, national and EU civil servants dealing with patent issues

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Background Documentation
Documentation is available here for logged in participants at this event.


Important note
In cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Economy in the framework of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the EU


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