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Big Data: Consolidating the EU Legal Framework in the Digital Economy

, 27 September 2018 – 28 September 2018

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Areas of law:

Data Protection


The ever-growing accumulation and use of digital data raises legal challenges for private and public entities as regards data ownership, the cross-border use and the protection of these data. The conference will look at the EU legal framework and its loopholes, and offer a platform for discussion on how to adapt the framework to the European data economy.

Key topics

  • Proposed EU Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data (COM (2017)495)
  • Distinction between personal and non-personal data and their legal regimes online
  • Accessibility and reuse of public and publicly funded data, data sharing, and use of data for public-interest purposes
  • Competition law aspects: data concentration and market power of online platforms
  • Intellectual property, databases, trade secrets and other commercially confidential information
  • Future EU strategy to encourage access to, fair use and sharing of Big Data
  • The proposed EU e-Privacy Regulation: consequences for Big Data

Who should attend?

EU and national civil servants, lawyers specialised in intellectual property, IT and data protection, in-house lawyers of entities collecting and selling data, data-based products and services and connected devices.

Fees in €:
EU and ERA patrons
Young lawyers and other groups
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10 % before 27.08.2018
20 % before 27.07.2018

Discounts available
25 % - For young lawyers up to 30 years of age (important: the participant must provide a copy or details of his or her passport or identity card on registration); Full-time staff of universities or comparable academic institutions; Staff of charitable organisations or comparable institutions

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40 % - Staff of European Union institutions and agencies;
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