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Advanced Training in EU Law for Judges and Prosecutors

  • Preliminary Ruling Procedure, Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law

Riga, 19 June 2024 – 21 June 2024

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Application is only possible via the project partners.


The objective of this seminar is to train judges and prosecutors from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania together in EU law in order to strengthen the effective and coherent application of EU law. As a result, this advanced training aims at contributing to building a network of EU law trainers and coordinators in these Baltic states.

Key topics

  • Preliminary reference as the core of the EU judicial system
  • The Charter of Fundamental Rights in practice
  • Recent case law on the rule of law
  • Judiciary in the digital era

Who should attend?

56 participants: 18 places are reserved for Latvian judges and 10 places are reserved for Latvian prosecutors, 3 places are reserved for 3 Estonian judges and 5mplaces are reserved for Estonian prosecutors, 15 places are reserved for Lithuanian judges and 5 places are reserved for Lithuanian prosecutors.


Participation will be subject to a selection procedure by the project partners, since the number of places is limited. In addition, you will need to register online on ERA’s website in order to participate in the seminar. We strongly advise you not to make any travel arrangements before your registration is confirmed.

Registration fee

There is no registration fee.

Travel and accomodation

  • Participants will receive a fixed contribution towards their travel expenses and will be asked to book their own travel after receiving confirmation from ERA. The condition for payment of this contribution is to sign all attendance sheets at the event. No supporting documents are needed. The amount of the contribution will be determined by (adapting to the project context) the EU unit cost calculation guidelines, which are based on the distance from the participant’s place of work to the seminar location and will not take account of the participant’s actual travel costs.
  • Travel costs from outside Latvia are fixed at €45.
  • For those travelling within Latvia, the contribution for travel is fixed at €20 (for a distance between 50km and 400km). Please note that no contribution will be paid for travel under 50km. For more information, please consult p.10 on https://era-comm.eu/go/unit-cost-decision-travel.  
  • The accommodation will be booked by the project partner.
  • Please note that no payment is possible if the registered participant cancels their participation for any reason.

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Important note
Application is only possible via the project partners.


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