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The (Mis)Use of AI and Machine-Learning in Criminal Proceedings

e-Presentation by Katarzyna Szczudlik


Foto: The (Mis)Use of AI and Machine-Learning in Criminal Proceedings.


Jahr: 2021


This presentation provides a general overview of the potential usage of AI systems within the criminal law framework. It evaluates why the use of AI systems in criminal sentencing is considered to be controversial and discusses the potential implementation of some existing tools, powered by AI, which can be used in criminal sentencing. The presentation is based on the European legal framework, but it also includes examples from a variety of regions. 


Katarzyna Szczudlik, Lawyer, Partner at SSW Pragmatic Solutions, Warsaw.


  • Video presentation
  • Audio podcast version
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Links to all relevant sources of law
  • Access for 12 months after purchase
  • Includes standard version and certified version eligible for CPD points
Filmed at ERA's conference on Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, online, 16 - 18 June 2021.

Technical requirements

The e-presentation should work in any internet browser. If you encounter difficulties, please ensure that you have javascript enabled (go to www.whatismybrowser.com or ask your system administrator).


To obtain immediate access to this e-presentation, please pay by credit card. You can also pay by invoice (bank transfer) but access will only be granted when payment has been received. For multiple registrations, please click here.

Certified Version eligible for CPD points

This version requires you to view the full e-presentation and to take a short quiz at the end. A certificate can then be issued entitling you to CPD points in selected jurisdictions.

If you would like to claim a certificate please send your request to elearning@era.int.

Rechtsgebiet: Criminal Law

Sprache: English

Artikel-Nr.: 321P35

Preis: 20 EUR

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