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The Media and the Legal Professions

  • Trust in the Judiciary Requires Trust in the Media
  • Enhancing Cooperation between Two Pillars of Democratic States
Annual Conference of the European Forum of the Legal Professions
Brussels & Online, 1 December 2023 (9:30-17:30 CET)

Bruxelles & En ligne, 1 décembre 2023


Main focus of discussion

  • Public confidence in the image of justice and the legal professions
  • What are best practices to improve the relationship between legal professionals and journalists?
  • What roles do legal professionals and journalists have in public education? How to shape the attitude of the future generation?
  • Responsible reporting from the courtroom
  • The common destiny of journalists and legal professionals in a rule of law crisis
  • What effect will digitalisation have on journalism?
  • How can legal professionals interact with the public at institutional and individual levels and what are the limitations?
  • How can the media shape the public appearance of the legal professions? How to attract people on legal topics?
  • Is there an effective alternative way of communication to protect journalists and the legal professions from political pressure?

About the Forum

The EU Forum of the Legal Professions is an initiative that aims to launch a structured dialogue among the representations of legal professions in Europe, where common challenges and concerns can be addressed and analysed, and a joint position can be formulated.

This is an inter-professional platform of exchange, a collaborative and evolving project between the legal professions, where the Academy of European Law plays the role of a facilitator. We aim to organise an event every year, where the latest trends and most relevant issues of common interest can be discussed by the members of the Forum.


Hybrid Event
Online participants can take the floor or address written questions to the panel through a live chat in Zoom. The link will be provided after registration.
The conference will be held in Brussels with a limited number of participants on site.

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors, court staff, private lawyers, EU officials and journalists.


Participation onsite: 125 EUR
Participation online: 0 EUR

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