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EU Anti-Discrimination Law

Seminar series in the framework of the European Commission's PROGRESS programme

Since 2003, ERA has organised every year a series of seminars devoted to the two European anti-discrimination directives adopted under Article 19 TFEU (ex Article 13 TEC). Directive 2000/43 prohibits all forms of discrimination based on race or ethnic origin in a number of areas. Directive 2000/78 prohibits all forms of discrimination in employment and occupation based on religion or convictions, handicap, age and sexual orientation.

Upcoming events

Seminar for University professors and law lecturers:
Trier, 13-14 September 2010 (English, French and German)

Seminar for members of the judiciary:
Trier, 8-9 November 2010 (English and Polish)

Seminar for legal practitioners:

Trier, 22-23 November 2010 (English and French)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Participation on selection. No conference fee. Selected participants will receive a significant contribution to their travel and accommodation costs.

This training session is commissioned under the European Union's Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity - PROGRESS (2007-2013).

This programme is managed by the Directorate-General for Employment, social affairs and equal opportunities of the European Commission. It was established to financially support the implementation of the objectives of the European Union in the employment and social affairs area, as set out in the Social Agenda, and thereby contribute to the achievement of the Lisbon Strategy goals in these fields.

The seven-year Programme targets all stakeholders who can help shape the development of appropriate and effective employment and social legislation and policies, across the EU-27, EFTA-EEA and EU candidate and pre-candidate countries.

PROGRESS mission is to strengthen the EU contribution in support of Member States' commitment. PROGRESS is instrumental in

  • providing analysis and policy advice on PROGRESS policy areas; 
  • monitoring and reporting on the implementation of EU legislation and policies in PROGRESS policy areas; 
  • promoting policy transfer, learning and support among Member States on EU objectives and priorities; and
  • relaying the views of the stakeholders and society at large

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Daniel Gärtner
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