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Annual Conference on European Family Law

Focus on children’s rights

, 28 September 2009 – 29 September 2009
(simultaneous interpretation)
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The 2009 edition of this annual conference on the latest developments in European family law will focus on children’s rights and parental responsibility.

The first conference day will focus on child protection in Europe, including protection measures in international conventions and in European law. A discussion of parental disputes over custody and care will follow. In many European countries new legislation has been introduced on the child’s right to be heard when matters of custody, residence or visitation rights are at stake.

On the second day, the conference will look at the concept of parental responsibility from different angles, including the concept of a multi-parent family and the parental responsibility of same sex partners. One striking development is the emerging legislation and jurisprudence on new methods of procreation: legal problems arising from new artificial conception technologies are numerous, including the difficult question of whether (and when) the child has a right to information about his or her biological parents. Legal practitioners and academics in the field of family law will report on the current situation in several European jurisdictions.

Finally, the state of play in the drafting of new legal instruments in the field of European family law and law of succession will be presented.

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