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11 September 2023

Summer Recap

Internal Training, Camera Skills, and Team Building at ERA


Foto: Summer Recap.


The Academy takes a break from hosting training events over the height of the summer. These weeks are traditionally used for internal events, and this summer was no different.  

Internal training on e-learning

In July, ERA hosted an internal training on ‘Best and Promising Practices in Europe in the Field of E-Learning', specifically designed for our course directors and media designers.  

The training focused on the conceptualisation of e-learning, discussing strategies to secure (better) participant engagement and on when to make use of blended or stand-alone e-learning products.  

We invited the Dutch Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary (SSR), the Judicial College for England and Wales and the French National School for the Judiciary as some of the most advanced training institutes in the area of e-learning. Their e-learning experts added their knowledge and expertise to the discussions.    

ERA began producing e-learning products over 15 years ago, but during all this time it remained a side activity, as the core business continues to consist of face-to-face training events. As ERA continues to produce a large number of e-learning material every year and expands its work in the field, both in the form of stand-alone and blended learning products, this internal training ensured that the best quality of learning experiences flows into the material that we put together for our participants.  

Camera training

At ERA we undertake a lot of filming with our expanding online programme. Events are streamed live and/or filmed to be used as part of our e-learning range.  
To improve our skills our web manager Jochen, media designer Sven and social media officer Anna spent a day with David Heuer, founder and owner of a broadcast & event engineering company. Since the workshop took place on our premises, David was able to give tailored advice on how to use our existing equipment and where we can upgrade to an even more professional video production. To facilitate on- the- spot filming of short statements from speakers and participants they picked out locations around the conference centre for filming.  

Team building

Finally, we also had our annual team building event, which this year consisted of a barbecue school with Johannes and his team from the Grillpräsident.  

The menu ranged from toasties with a smoked cranberry sauce and savoury pistachio pancakes to stuffed grilled tomatoes as vegetarian options. We then also learnt about all the tips on how to grill salmon on cedarwood and cook entrecôte steak to the perfect temperature. Sides included Pretzelstrudel and a brioche pudding with a berry compote and vanilla custard. The day consisted of lots of fun, sun, food and catching up with colleagues.  

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