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8. September 2020 – 8. September 2021

Positive response to ERA's online Summer Courses

We have collected the positive responses we have had from participants of our Online Summer Courses and Annual Conferences.


Foto: Positive response to ERA's online Summer Courses.


In recent months, ERA has had to switch conferences which were planned to take place in person as face to face events, to an online format. Exceptionally this is the first year that we have had our Summer Courses take place online and the feedback as been positive. Below are some comments that have been shared with us after each event.

Our aim was to be able to replicate the interactivity of our Summer Courses and to enable networking and connections between participants. For some Summer Courses we were able to provide an online evening entertainment in the form of group wine tasting - by organising the wine to be posted to participants in advance of the event.

Quotes from the Online Summer Course on European Criminal Justice

22nd June 2020


“It was fantastic to still be able to participate in such an excellent and informative event despite the current constraints. I particularly enjoyed seeing (even in a virtual sense) colleagues and academics from across the EU and sharing experience, initiatives and problems encountered in our respective justice systems. I thought the course content was excellent in terms of the variety of topics discussed and the expertise and quality of the speakers. Well done to all the speakers and course organisers. You did a wonderful job.”



“Valuable knowledge, great online platform without any technical problems.”



“Overall, the content of the course succeeded to deliver interesting insights on many topics, which can be found relevant for the work of the legal practitioners, as well as, for individuals working in the academic environment.”

National Civil Servant



Quotes from the Online Summer Course on the Rule of Law in the EU

22nd June 2020


The selection of speakers was excellent, with each offering an interesting point of view from a wide range of perspectives. I was also impressed with the range of backgrounds and experiences of the participants, from civil servants to judges and officials. I was amazed to hear that this was the first time that this course had been done online.

National Civil Servant


I have gained new knowledge on this topic from top-of-the-top experts in this field, to ask them direct questions but also I had a chance to meet and interact with the brilliant people participating in this course. Everything was organized impeccably. Workshops were also very useful and encouraged us to think more critically, to argue and to share our opinion.

National Civil Servant


Online Summer Course on European Environmental Law

29 June 2020


The summer Course gave me a wide overview of European Environmental Law. The lecturers are all very experienced and it was a pleasure to listen to them.

Lawyer in business


Online Summer Course on European Family Law

22 June 2020

·         A good compass in the labyrinth of legal instruments in the area of EU family law was provided.

·         Great possibility to interact with the practitioners who on a daily basis work on cases as lawyers and judges.

·         It was incredibly useful and well organized event.

·         The speakers are great, very clear and interesting, the workshops are fine as well.

·         Great that we were divided into online working groups.

·         Excellent seminar, great job! Many thanks for the organisers!



Online Summer Course on European Tax Law

06 July 2020


·         The quality of the speakers was once again very impressive.

·         The quizzes and the interactive polls were very enjoyable and I think we should have something like this in the live, in-person events when things are back to normal too!

·         The online platform was very useful and the slides were well assembled and easy to follow.

·         I will definitely recommend ERA events to my colleagues in order to develop their knowledge and expand their network.

·         There is plenty of room for discussion and questions and the speakers always seem incredibly happy to help and offer more guidance or information either in the session or afterwards.


Online Summer Course on European Intellectual Property (IP) Law

29 June 2020

·         The event was very well organised, the speakers met my expectations and I have now a very good overview of IP rights.

·         I was not sure what to expect, but I enjoyed and appreciated the ability to learn about EU IP law as some of my research is based on EU IP law.

·         The lectures were very interesting and given by really good professionals in the field.

·         The course was so intense and showed the professionalism of the organisation’s team.

·         Very professional, interactive and with the concrete examples



Online Annual Conference on EU Labour Law 2020

01 July 2020

·         The quality of the speakers was outstanding, as well as the themes chosen.

·         In spite of the current circumstances and the fact that the meeting was initially scheduled to take place "live" in Trier, the online mode was successful.



Webinar: Applying EU Anti-Discrimination Law (for members of the judiciary)

04 June 2020

·         It is a good way to interact with colleagues from around Europe about legal issues that we all face.

·         It was very well organised, inspired by the situation we are now living in. The webinar gave us a spherical and detailed knowledge of Anti-Discrimination Law.

·         All speakers were excellent and presented their topic of expertise with precision and outstanding ability.



Webinar: EU Gender Equality Law (for Members of the Judiciary)

15 June 2020

·         I am surprised this event was so excellent!  I had no technical problems.          

·         I learned a lot from the material and especially from the cases we had to discuss during workshop.

·         The adjustment to online form of webinar was great. Thank you!

·         This event is an opportunity for the exchange of information between judges across the EU.

·         It is an opportunity to participate in training during this period in at least this form - the conference was really useful overall.


For a list of our upcoming online conferences click here.

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Date last edited: 08 September 2020

Article written by Janine Notter





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